The Oppressed

My heart is filled with sorrow
I fear the pain today only gets worse tomorrow
A coalition of heartless pharaohs
That continues to narrow our road to freedom

We never called ourselves perfect
We are sinners like you seeking for our rights
Some of us have faced dark days their entire life
It is neither a dog fight but for some that is what it takes to survive

How heartless can one be in the pursuit for injustice
We claim to be our mothers child but with a heart of a devil
We have all been watered with the sins governing our jungle
Fertilised with its selfish pride while being ignorant to the life’s on cradle

To what level of dissatisfaction do we need to reach to achieve a sense
To what extent would ours need to be abducted for us to be intense
To what value will life need to be degenerated for us to switch from defence to offence
To what heartlessness do we attribute our current level of complacence

We understand to you we are like a nagging insect
With no idea of purpose we claim to be an intellect
We need this… we need that… ignoring reality and fact
Because we lack self respect, teach us not label us an insect

Life is but a game of irony
The most dirty of insects are alive to keep our planet clean
The sun has to fall in order for it to set
Even the tallest tree, one could find started from underground

It is heartless of a man who forgets from whence he came
Not just the physical but the spiritual elements of genesis
We as a people were never meant to be the cause of our pain
But we employed evil and now we watch them claim our rain

What goes around comes around, we oppress the littlest of living things
And now we complain of being oppressed by the powers-that-be
Our lives are always a reflection of that which we give
Simply as we expect we give and that shall be our way to live

We never called ourselves perfect
We are sinners like you seeking for our rights
Some of us have faced dark days their entire life
It is neither a dog fight but for some that is what it takes to survive

Our hearts shall be filled with joy
The pains of today shall be forgotten tomorrow
A coalition of compassionate pharaohs
That will widen our road to freedom

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2022.

Smile or Cry Freedom

Pledge the badge of loyalty
Sing the songs of hypocrisy
Hiding under the name of democracy
While matching in the name of bureaucracy

When was the last time you saw you smile
When was the last time you saw your family smile
When was the last time you saw your neighbors smile
When was the last time you saw your country smile

Summer rains in people’s faces
The innocent in search of grace
But the good hearts have been misplaced
Collectively we are in a state of disgrace

I saw the fear in an innocent man
Who fell victim to their game of mind
He knew nothing but what has been given
He expected a seat on the table, they told him be glad we allowed you to keep on living

When was the last time you saw your own tears
Despite knowing everyone around you survives under fear
Might you be so heartless that you don’t even care
I suggest you look in the mirror before looking into others affair

Even a lonely wolf ends up in a pack
The pain you bottle in would always end up in a ‘pop’
When you tear up it’s a cry, collectively it’s a rain
When it rains it pours, I guess only then can we be pure

The hidden tears in our eyes
Do result to violence in disguise
How costly is the price of peace..(Sigh)
When was the last time you took away someone’s cry

Smile is one amongst the greatest of gifts
With the most minimal of efforts one could uplift
Emotions might be the strongest of feelings
But a smile remains the strongest of all emotions

When was the last time you made yourself smile
When was the last time you made your family smile
When was the last time you made your neighbors smile
When was the last time you made your country smile

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2021.

The Isle of Growth

We look far but the next step is right in front
They say keep your head high, I say keep your head straight
Focus and vision are of two different constraint
The road you walk should not be a road to talk but rather a road to the top

The foundation to your success has been done
Five weeks of training with a little bit of fun
The experience has been worth it since day one
The sacrifices you made to continue along
Is all part of the journey to keep you strong

Success is a name but growth is the aim
Do not point your trigger at something you cannot claim
For when the fire burns you might not survive the flame
Needless to say stay firm and acclaim your name, build yourself so strong that even your shadow has a good name

A Positive attitude will never let you down
Obstacles are bound to come along your journey
They say “believe to achieve” and then you conceive
There is nothing wrong with taking a step back in order to make a leap

Today is tomorrow and yesterday you were prepared
If I can I will, then I should be willing today
For a delay today can reverse my preparations of yesterday
Thus, who I am now shall always remain the best of me each and every day

We look far but the next step is right in front
They say keep your head high, I say keep your head straight
Focus and vision are of two different constraint
The road you walk should not be a road to talk but rather a road to the top

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2021.

Remember When

Remember when I said I love you

When I looked into your eyes after we cuddled 

The morning I made breakfast before you left for office

You even uttered I make the best waffle

How could you forget, you had on a red shoe

I said to you, “that’s too much red boo…

Your flaming hotness matches with your shoe”

You replied “here you go with your silly jokes”

I know you remember, I came by to pick you from work

You made us stop by the store to get some groceries 

I even mentioned a joke that made you blush 

“Despite this vegetables being today fresh, 

my girl looks fresher and she’s just off from work”

How could you forget, It was a friday so we had a movie night 

I replaced your popcorns with the fake rubber ones 

One thing led to another and it became a pillow fight 

The next morning you woke up with a love bite 

You woke up and caught me writing a poem for you 

The poem states 

When it comes to you

I would move mountains to see you smile 

I would swim across the nile to hold your hands

I would wrestle an Anaconda to entertain you 

I would I would, yes I would 

I would love you until you tell me to stop 

Then I would love you more even after my heart stops”

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2021.

The TAOetry

To be is to be born
To live is to be alive
All things are born of being
Being is born of none being

The TAO is in me and you
The TAO moves within everything around you
The TAO is peace
The TAO provides love that does not cease

They say the road to enlightenment is always dark
The road that leads forward seems to go back
The road that leads direct has a longer path
The road of the TAO is that from your heart

The feeble minded will laugh when they hear the TAO
Should they not result to laughter it is not the TAO
The Average minded will be at a half believe of the TAO
The Superior minded will immediately begin to embody the TAO

The TAO is of everything but it comes from nothing
The TAO is a knowledge of self and being
He who understand it has wisdom
It does not come with force but it gives strength

He who is content is truly rich
He who gives himself for others shall live long
He who gives himself for the TAO lives for eternity
He who gives himself for no one lives a zero life

Elegance comes from diligence
True power they say seems weak
Steadfastness they say seems changeable
True purity they say seems tarnished

The greatest art seems unsuffiscated
The greatest love seems indifferent
The greatest wisdom seems childish
The greatest poem reads like this

To be is to be born
To live is to be alive
All things are born of being
Being is born of none being

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2021.

Mr. Earnest

Mr. Earnest got entangled with dishonest
How ironic she was trying to earn a nest
They say life is bitch and she wears a dress
Before you fail her test, I suggest you listen to Mr. Earnest

She told me she was suffering from infertility
So I gave in to the cravings
Weekday afternoons at my place
Weekends at her place

It was so beautiful and simple
No emotions attached, like I was single
We do not go on dates but we do movie nights
We cuddle with a little bit of foreplay to stir up an appetite

I later found out she has a man
I was just a friend that could satisfy her romance
I did not care because I found out while deep in her trench
She always take me high up the mountain before releasing an avalanche

Funny it started up as a one night stand
The usual take care of business and scram
But this time around things didn’t go as planned
“They say when you go black you never go back”…I fell victim to my own card

We rehearsed a couple—many times to perfection
A faithful morning she woke me up to tell me she was pregnant
You must be kidding because that kid cannot be mine
We agreed, in fact you told me you could not conceive a child

Do not tell me to be responsible if what we have started off with a lie
I knew I should have ended it, the moment I knew you had a guy
But you trapped me in your box and seduced me with your charming eyes
I have told you once, I won’t again “I am not having a child”

You lied to me and cheated on him
You broke his heart and left him for me like it was nothing
Now you have the guts to say ‘you want us to start something’
There was never a thing to start, embrace this as our ending

Call me Mr. Earnest
I am never dishonest about being honest
Truth be told, despite the fun, I have been wanting to end this
We held a good friendship and you ruined it

Mr. Earnest got entangled with dishonest
How ironic she was trying to earn a nest
They say life is a bitch and she wears a dress
Before you fail her test, I suggest you take a lesson from Mr. Earnest


The Amendment

I am in a confused state
I am having mental lapses in my brain
Words of reasoning but I cannot reason straight
With age comes wisdom, I guess they have aged their wisdom

Arise o compatriots we sing
Arose are the compatriots with no compassion
They answer Nigeria’s call to steal
And serve with a selfish heart with no respite

You are to serve your fathers land
With a reminder that tomorrow you shall be buried in its sand
No matter your love, no matter your strength, no matter your faith
The labor you exercise today shall determine our tomorrow’s gain

Deserving we are, a nation of freedom
Yet all we are is death and poverty in abundance
Corruption is now our global badge of identity
I guess the only freedom we enjoy is the freedom to public fund looting

O God of creation
We keep asking for guidance of direction
Our leaders and youth the truth to know
We reject love and honesty while expecting to grow

Are we just living or living just
Visual truth that we made false
The only height we attain is piled on our country’s loss
It is obvious we do not want peace and justice, we are content with our prideful shame

Heroes Of Shimfida

I am not dead but I was sentenced to death

Nothing criminal my offences were taking care of threats 

I swore to protect until my last breath

Only to be killed in the jungle and you don’t even care 


I went through the same life troubles as you 

I have a family and children I send to school

Being in the army does not mean I am slaving for you

It is the love for my country that led me to put on the boot


I left my family in the name of my nation

They cried in tears as I was sent off to a distant destination

It might seem to you I don’t cry because I was trained to control my emotions

This is only because I have to be strong for you to enjoy your freedom


It might not seem much to you that I do

All the sacrifices you think is not true 

My colleagues that gave their lives in service for you

Oh! I understand, It is the money that only concerns you


Your allegations of military corruption is beyond my say

As a soldier, I am disciplined to remain at bay 

Respect is key, as such my superiors I listen and obey 

I am not saying I am a slave but I trust in what they say


When I fall in battle, they mourn me 

It pains me to hear you don’t even have me in your memory

What do you think was my last thought as the bullet penetrates me 

I might not be your family, but the uniform deserves you to celebrate me


Eighteen good soldiers 

We ate together, trained together, and bleed together 

We might have fallen in this battle but never shall we lose the war

We are soldier, dead or alive we fight for the freedom of all


We fight with our fallen comrades at heart

We shoulder you on our backs 

And protect you from those trying to stab you in the back 

That is no reason for you to turn your backs on us 


This is no cry seeking for sympathy 

As a fellow citizen I deserve your empathy

Only together shall we unit in restoring our dignity

In the names of the Heroes of Shimfida, we will achieve our victory



Covid Riddle

I am Riddle 

I was Born to distract you 

A knowledge made to mis-track you 

A foresight to miss guide you 


Make you love me unconditionally 

At the same time hate me wholeheartedly 

I am fictitious so you cannot see me 


Swift like the river on a quiet evening 

Bright like the wind, if you envision me 

Mighty and strong like the jungle that raised me


1,2,3 you cannot count me

I am a king and queen, you cannot stereotype me 

Dead and alive so you cannot kill me


I was born and I became strong 

I was forged as someone’s vision 

I was born with that vision 


I can fly, I can swim 

I can climb, up and down like a stream 

I can laugh, I can sing, a poetry I seem 


I go black when it’s dark 

I go bright when every where is light 

In hindsight, I created to control your mind 


My Purpose remains a mystery

My impact shall never be forgotten in history

My sins are not mine but yours to reveal


Riddle me and rid you of me

My name is Covid





The Beast

We had high hopes for rainy days 

2020 the year of making many hays

Success stories for better days 

It was time to put in the work with no delays 


That vision came short of a memory lane

No external precautions, it was the year of no blame

We were ready for the fire, in fact we came with our own flame

It was no pain no gain, Thus we could do it all over again


We were short handed by our blind sight

Ignorant to nature of the wind like a flying kite

We decided to be arrogant and the world took the bite 

Now that vision is burning like a candle light 


It is not yet dark to say the least

They feed our fears to calm the beast

They’re taking us back to account for our sins 

It is 2020 but it’s C-19


Unity always has a charm for peace

We Unite in quarantine to kill the beast

Like the animals we caged, karma is making us pay

How ironic that isolated unity with family is the key 


Why pass such opportunity that is the means to live

In respect to others that want to survive 

A 14 day luck down with loved ones is not hard a gift to give

As we all speak the same language –The coronaVirus