Out Cry

Take down the wall | Make it up to me
Do not let your pride stand between what we have built
Do not shy away from confessing your shortcomings
It’s simple, when you are wrong issue an apology
We build not destroy the branches of our family tree

Why end a caterpillar’s life because you fear butterfly
To what crime does the innocent deserve to die
No more political foolery, Unravel the myth to be free
Make way for me but first, make it up to me
Humble yourself and take a knee, Colin Kaepernick

Sixty-Two years and counting but I have nothing to show for it
Aside from banditry being my most lucrative industry
Corruption being my consistent and badge of identity
Lawlessness even laissez faire seem strict to me
Just discipline yourself and make it up to me

I can still forgive your shortcomings
Life is a book and we are all verses to it’s poetry
Every pencil has an eraser if you are willing to look for it
With a simple amendment we can make his story history
Don’t put your pride in the way just make it up to me

I do not care about my blood nor sweat I just want to be free
I was born in this land, why does it give me misery?
To think you could do me no more injury
Are you telling me the Vampires have taken over this country?
What happened to your magic, just make it up to me

What is there to fear just make it up to me
You have my mind chained and you hold the leash
I watched them kidnap and kill my brothers and you forced me to sheeh!
I kept my mouth closed while you eat off the leaves from our family tree
All I ask is for you to make it up to me, Capeesh!

Take down the wall | Make it up to me
Do not let your pride stand between national peace
Do not shy away from confessing your shortcomings
It’s simple, when you are wrong issue an apology
We build not destroy the branches of our family tree

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2023.


A true joy of life
A helping hand at sight
A chum, An ally that is a consultant
A true friend not the rhyming trend
“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

A friend in need is a friend at sea
A friend at sea can dry up when the summer hits
A Friend in need is a friend of convenience
A true friend indeed lasts beyond your funeral

A Friendship is timeless
It is a relationship that is priceless
It is a bond that strengthens when you overcome challenges
A friendship is an adventure
It is a true gift of life by nature

We insult each other like enemies
Despite seeing the red, no matter how white your eyes glow
A friend finds that loophole of positivity in every sorrow
They know how to put a smile on your face regardless of your emotions

We hate them, We like them, we don’t know
We need them, they need us, together is how we grow
An extrovert or introvert no matter your title
Be you crippled, a true friend is something you need
The relationship you need is a true friend indeed

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2021.

Covid Riddle

I am Riddle 

I was Born to distract you 

A knowledge made to mis-track you 

A foresight to miss guide you 


Make you love me unconditionally 

At the same time hate me wholeheartedly 

I am fictitious so you cannot see me 


Swift like the river on a quiet evening 

Bright like the wind, if you envision me 

Mighty and strong like the jungle that raised me


1,2,3 you cannot count me

I am a king and queen, you cannot stereotype me 

Dead and alive so you cannot kill me


I was born and I became strong 

I was forged as someone’s vision 

I was born with that vision 


I can fly, I can swim 

I can climb, up and down like a stream 

I can laugh, I can sing, a poetry I seem 


I go black when it’s dark 

I go bright when every where is light 

In hindsight, I created to control your mind 


My Purpose remains a mystery

My impact shall never be forgotten in history

My sins are not mine but yours to reveal


Riddle me and rid you of me

My name is Covid






There is always an irony to life 

The caterpillar needs to die to become a butterfly

It transforms from a snailly form of eww!

To a wingy form of Awww!


The Irony that remains 

Is for the soul that never changed 

For your limited life where do you stand ?

Karma has an irony that visits when you become sand 


Search for your metaphor in poetic justice

Like a game of dice, it comes like your chances of double six

A satire in every win

Emotions but memory contains the heavy deeds


In this universe 

Poetry I see in every little thought

One come and go but life never stops

Karma is a bitch and it’s never her fault


Today patience lacks attitude

Mockery has become a self fulfilling fortitude 

An irony in every longitude and latitude 

Am I running from every long attitude that outlast my attitude ?


Karma does not allow one to cheat life

Such an irony even death cannot cheat life 

A short parody of life can be rolled in one dice

Unlike life, like the dice chances might come twice


I seek the poetry in this universe 

I see the Irony that is this universe 

Karma remains a bitch in every poetic parody

Thus, for the paradise in life, I claim my universe ‘The Poeticverse’




The golden Charmer

Knighted child in golden armor

Mattered not should ye be son to a farmer

A lawyer, doctor or even a Governor

The circle of life never existed in only one harbour

Yet this reality can be manipulated by a charmer


Knighted child in golden armor

Life seemed flexible from every angle in the mirror

Once away from the shadows of leisure

One would find the storm had never been heavier

Ye had only been sheltered under the family umbrella


A tradition of cosset

Shielded from all obstacles from birth

Ye’s Kindred meant no harm but good

Little did they forget the jungle is made of different woods

Some might be hard, and some soft

Ones Texture dictates the rationale behind his growth


A tradition of cosset

A facade to the feeble minded

A misplacement of value

Such tender a generation where trust weighs more than truth

A rooted foundation that warps our youth


Stories are told

Yet the truth remains to unfold

If the ultimate power is control

Then, a knighted child was only a means to a certain goal

How destructive a force yet attractive like gold


A knighted child in golden armor

Fell victim to the tradition of cosset

In plain sight is the absence of physical harm

While being ignorant to the notion of mental and emotional wants

To survive, the golden child needs to develop his personal charm