Self Evaluation

For many of you, the thought of being alone makes you extremely uncomfortable. You’ve decided it’s better to have a piece of someone, than to have no one at all. The problem with this reasoning; you’re selling yourself short. The feeling of loneliness has pushed a lot of people into the arms of the wrong person and keeps them there. Being by yourself causes you to have to face yourself. When you have yet to truly learn and embrace who you are, being alone is like spending time with a stranger and that can be scary. Self-evaluation is a difficult process for a lot of people and they would much rather find a way to distract themselves from it.


Perfect Imperfection

I am a perfect imperfection. Tell me when you hear this, what is your reaction. Is it envy, joy or hate. How quick someone else’s status in life could change ones emotions, funny ain’t it ? “They say your life is in your hands”, They say you only live once”, They say Life is a bitch”, “They say, They say, They say….What do you say ?

The type of life we live in now, its hard to turn around right ?…wrong! It is very much easier to turn your life around in todays world. Let me elaborate with the most simple example I can think of, a coin toss. lets say you bet your life on heads, making tail a failure, once that coin hits the palm or the back hand, two options are available which in return leads to two results where one would be drastic and the other positive. when you get tails, you can either accept defeat of decide to keep tossing till you get heads. Another rare case, is when you decide to say no to failure and turn your palm the other way, in essence turning your world around and you end up with heads.

pain in Life

There is nothing more pure and natural than pain. I learned this by successfully avoiding it for the first twenty plus years of my life. Not physical pain, real pain. The kind that shakes the entire essence of who you think you are as a person. Pain that cuts you down to the very […]

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So What?

They say you can’t do it, so what ?

so what, if they say you can’t, they ain’t God

In a fair world, you are on an equal floor

Boohoo ! Life is hard.

break a leg, and grow up

reality isn’t waiting for you to stand up

when you were a kid learning to walk,

you stand and fall, so what ?

you still continued, that didn’t stop you

did it ?

you used other tool to support you

till you found the most comfortable stand for you

but yet you kept falling and standing

your mind set was; so what ? I most achieve it !

If I put myself to do something, I most achieve it regardless whatever comes at me.

so what you fail, life is harsh, hug me.

get back on your feet and walk it off,

at the end, it will always pay off.


This should never happen to nobody

wake up one day and your eyes are so cloudy

who do you cry to, your mum or daddy ?

who do you run to, expecting someone else’s apology

the two body’s that good or bad, accepts you as their responsibility

they treat you as a whole, like their sole commodity

but then you spit back at their face, i’m so so sorry

you will always be unforgettable, we are like no other family

it was never my wish to hurt anybody

as a kid my excuses were enlarged, causing my irresponsibility

i never thought of you leaving, i was too young to do the analogy

and now its late, what happened to fairness and equality

I cry to my writings and rejoyce to the mirror

one step at a time as life becomes clearer

I’m still scared, cause I know my death comes nearer

and even more when I think of my baby sister

and way more when i think of raising my own daughter

I always try to bury my emotions, cause to me its a killer

many times i wish i pulled the trigger

scary times, i actually wanted to pull the trigger

the wounds and scars are all over me like invisible stickers

I usually say, this world is a jungle and we’re her lovers

I’m so so sorry, you will always be unforgettable

from December dating back and forth to February

i will not be ignorant to everything you have done for me

including the truth behind what she did to me (my head)

as long as I live, I will always hold on to our family tree

and never shall I abandon any of my siblings

they are the closest thing I have to you

I’m so so sorry, you will always be unforgettable

when I picture you my eyes starts getting rainy

thunder storms in my head, while it gets cloudy

my heart turns drowsy and begins to beat loudly

seeing the lightening cross my eyes, it pains me

I’m so so sorry, you will always be unforgettable

3D Picture

Stages of life thats hanging on your back

ways and claims that never got a tag

don’t be surprised when you get an eject

black on black, never be a cat

the wild on the loose never let it out

people in your shoes, never take their route

words that recycle could never make a stack

stay on yours cos its all that you got

life is on e, never gas it out

words on the loose, never made it out

people in jail never could make a count

dead in their grave doesn’t mean they down

life is a picture

3D doesn’t say the scripture

you always think your wise until you get a mixture

man never gets wrong until shown the missing picture

million years ago an asteroid destroyed nature

a bastard said we evolved to our current nature

so tell me, what the went wrong in this persons sculpture

Making Mistakes

“I was always flunking out of school because I can’t write. My parents who were fourth generation, I am fourth generation Japanese-American to Hawaii and the Japanese believed you have to go to school, you had to go to school to get good grades, and so when i said, “Well how do I get rich ?” He’s like, “Go to school.”

And I said, “wait a minutes all of my uncles and my aunts and my grandfather and my father and my mother, they all went to school. They’re still poor.”

So I knew there was something missing in school. You see the difference between a school teacher and an entrepreneur, in school they punish you for making mistakes. entrepreneurs know you’re not going to learn anything unless you make a mistake. So I have made many mistakes. I mean last year, I made a lot of mistakes, but, each mistake i make, I get smarter. Its like standing up and falling down, standing up and falling down. Its like learning a language, you make a lot of mistakes. Its like riding a bicycle, its like flying a plane. you make a lot of mistakes and hopefully, you live through it.”

Picture Me

If a picture is a reflection, what could be the picture of my life

picture me living as a king

like a heart beat, life comes in two’s, there is up and there is down

picture my crown taken and buried in the ground

picture me living as a slave

but in every scenario you could be happy or you could sad

picture me a slave living with the kings

picture me picturing myself as a king

picture me out of my comfort zone

picture me kneeling to kiss their rings

picture every prince and princess stepping on my feet

picture me locked out in the dark

picture me sleeping out in the cold

they say patience is a virtue but life is mean and she’s directing my scene

picture me despite, but content with who I am

picture me an orphan at the bottom of the family tree

picture the Lord above me but the devil on my shoulder

picture me on my knees calling out every night

picture me crying through the sleepless nights

As long as the sun do shine, even the littlest of animals has a chance to survive

picture me a visionary playing catch with haters mind

picture me behind the mirror motivating myself

picture me a lone wolf with a pack worth of scares

picture me climbing the family tree, matter of fact (scratch that)

picture me building my family tree

picture me getting married and having kids

picture me achieving my goals

picture my seeds taking note from my past

picture me passing my life test

picture me putting smiles on the faces of my late parents

At a point in time, the sun stops shinning but life never stops moving

A twist in life, when you look into the mirror you see you not me, but

interesting when i look into your mind, I see me not you.

Qualm About Today

Sorrows in life comes but with the moment

today and tomorrow, nobody knows its content

we are burn to make mistakes, regardless the consequence

I vision a bird in the jungle that wakes up to one intent

fly out there and get food for her babies

she takes off with no relent

The version of the story where her hatchlings are left alone

come to think of it, their environment to them is still unknown

all they could do is cry for their mummy, but she is gone

there is not much you can do when life sets your tone

it is not something we miraculously come upon

while you are crying in here

there is someone trying to fight for your survival out there

we tend to be ignorant, but we really need to be aware

we say we want to be “free as a bird”

our lives and theirs we compare

not knowing tomorrow we look at today in despair

mama bird trying to find food with no assurance in the middle of nowhere

its like putting up in a dessert, a daycare

she runs into papa bird, and it stroke her like a nightmare

the beauty in love stories are always bizarre

together the fly in search and accompany each other

at the end we will always look after one another

so why qualm about tomorrow, when you can only live today

don’t take THE best way, always take YOUR best way.


Who Are You?

I know who you are

I can see the truth in the dark


Don’t be scared, I know life is really hard

Just be true to who you are

Everything is going to be alright

But first put the negativity out of sight


Don’t lean back unless you want to fall

stand straight, and stand tall

don’t allow yourself to be pushed to the wall

Why look down, if you are aiming for the stars

Just be true to who you are

Don’t let anyone tell you, you are wrong

Its never too late to turn life around