The Paint Brush

A paint brush can paint a picture 

ones’ twist that gets the mind richer 

bunch of colours to a certain structure

all it takes is the right mixture 

and the mind could create its theatre 

past worries gone and life getting better 

the mind throws out unwanted folders 

one begins to keep positive composure


black and white as the paint brush over 

life lessons comes but like a rollercoaster 

grab the brush cause to your life, you are the owner 

If your life was human, would you date her ?

Paint your Life





Fight with Love ?

They say good things come when you wait for it

I have been waiting so long that my heart went numb

I was patient because I believe the best is yet to come

till one day, my heart started beating like drum

anxiety kicks in – like something is about come

emotions heightened not knowing what direction

or what is what


I tried fighting it but there is no shortcut

a desire that comes needs to play its course

the more I think of it, my heart race faster like a horse

I was looking for a cure but “oh No” said the nurse

as time goes by the situation continues to worse

the force comes harder and deep, like a curse

but their is a sauce to it that I could not ignore

it seemed so innocent and very pure

a type of feeling I have never had before

and it is nothing you could find or read in a bookstore

now the feeling has mature and becoming to hard to endure

I do not know what It is but I am curious and scared to explore

I am tired, I cannot take it anymore

I took a couple bottles mixed with beer but it’s still there

That L-word has a strong sting to it and it does not care

no matter the fight one day you will let it clear

“don’t fight the feelings” this is a quote I could always tell


Open-up your mind and stay true to who you are, love will always find you, and when it does please accept it. You will might miss out on life fighting a battle that is not there, a battle between you and you, a battle from setting you heart free.


Love, sounds simple don’t it? because it is. Live while you can, Love as much as you can




Love and Pain

The distance between birth and death

Comes hardship that takes away ones breath

Thou smiles are never far away

Ye never shy away from love

Yet all love comes with is but pain

Love is pain


The beauty when one looks into your eyes

The joy from within digging from the heart

When both hearts clash, the world shakes

It starts off as the best feeling one could imagine

With time comes reality, and reality is painful

which is why we imagine, to hide the pain

not the most accurate but a helpful way

pain is love

and that is the beauty of living


Ahmad Abdul-one  © Copyright 2017.

Dark Night

When you’re hurt they don’t cry for you 

When you’re down they don’t side with you 

As soon as the table switch they’re going to ride with you 

Funny, they claim they would always care for you 

Out of the blue they will always be there for you 

But in the dark, nobody is there but you 


How could this be clear to you 

The hierarchy does not even give stairs to you 

How do you climb up, when they only steer down at you 

Ill is not an option, they do not give rest to you 

So when you are gone it is just they are clear of you 

Sad isn’t it, how they despair of you 

Moments of need, you are like Pikachu


Everyone trying to play you 

You are like a gum to them, you are done with after a couple chew 

Every bit of progress you make they undo 

Your section seems like the junk in yahoo 

Yet you remain positive to all they throw at you 

Your time is coming the clock is on tick tack 

It is all about progression no time for payback

The table has turned now who has the black jack 

All the pain to you is now a throwback 

The experience is key in avoiding any set back 

They denied you their ride, now you are riding in your Maybach 

Life is a b!tch and she’s gorgeous on your side 

be humble or get dropped, its too late to look back 

no one is living for you, you need to understand that 

life does not come with a manual nor a lifeguard 

they say you rip what you sew; I guess you ripped right 

Time is key, and she is not on anyones side 

Today or tomorrow, one day we are all going to die


Life is What You Make It ? 

Certain people ain’t built to take pain 

but on the road to riches they want to be on the 1st lane. 

Some say ‘no pain no gain’, well they also said life is a b!tch, I guess that’s why we’re all insane.

“Life is what you make it”, some make it a game 

Some take it as excuse to bump into others lane 

Some say life is a b!tch and she’s full of pain 

Some cling to the positive side to level up their weight 

Life is what you it, some make it about them 

Some believe their always right until proven wrong 

Some could never feel free until pain is gone 

Some are nice and smart but wildly stubborn 

Some could be dying but yet they stay strong 

Some might be old but their minds are young 

Life is what you make it, or are you what life makes you ? 

Are you breathing cause there is air, or is the air present cause you’re breathing 

Like the classic dilemma, who came first, egg or the chicken 

When you look down the horizon, what those the earth seem to you 

Some say flat some say oval, why the confusion, why are our answers in twos 

If I teach you, and I’m a student then what am I to you

Life is what you make it, Complicated is how we met it 

Life is what you make it, confused is how we’re leaving it 

Life is what you make it, innocent is how we started it 

Life is what you make it, guilty is how we’ll be exiting it 

Life is what you make it, don’t look at mine look at yours unless you can’t see it, then we both are blind to our cause 

Self Evaluation

For many of you, the thought of being alone makes you extremely uncomfortable. You’ve decided it’s better to have a piece of someone, than to have no one at all. The problem with this reasoning; you’re selling yourself short. The feeling of loneliness has pushed a lot of people into the arms of the wrong person and keeps them there. Being by yourself causes you to have to face yourself. When you have yet to truly learn and embrace who you are, being alone is like spending time with a stranger and that can be scary. Self-evaluation is a difficult process for a lot of people and they would much rather find a way to distract themselves from it.

Perfect Imperfection

I am a perfect imperfection. Tell me when you hear this, what is your reaction. Is it envy, joy or hate. How quick someone else’s status in life could change ones emotions, funny ain’t it ? “They say your life is in your hands”, They say you only live once”, They say Life is a bitch”, “They say, They say, They say….What do you say ?

The type of life we live in now, its hard to turn around right ?…wrong! It is very much easier to turn your life around in todays world. Let me elaborate with the most simple example I can think of, a coin toss. lets say you bet your life on heads, making tail a failure, once that coin hits the palm or the back hand, two options are available which in return leads to two results where one would be drastic and the other positive. when you get tails, you can either accept defeat of decide to keep tossing till you get heads. Another rare case, is when you decide to say no to failure and turn your palm the other way, in essence turning your world around and you end up with heads.

pain in Life

There is nothing more pure and natural than pain. I learned this by successfully avoiding it for the first twenty plus years of my life. Not physical pain, real pain. The kind that shakes the entire essence of who you think you are as a person. Pain that cuts you down to the very […]

via Pain — Verbose Musings

So What?

They say you can’t do it, so what ?

so what, if they say you can’t, they ain’t God

In a fair world, you are on an equal floor

Boohoo ! Life is hard.

break a leg, and grow up

reality isn’t waiting for you to stand up

when you were a kid learning to walk,

you stand and fall, so what ?

you still continued, that didn’t stop you

did it ?

you used other tool to support you

till you found the most comfortable stand for you

but yet you kept falling and standing

your mind set was; so what ? I most achieve it !

If I put myself to do something, I most achieve it regardless whatever comes at me.

so what you fail, life is harsh, hug me.

get back on your feet and walk it off,

at the end, it will always pay off.