Bridge Of Emotions

I might be sad inside but it is all smiles on the outside

everybody old or young has feelings to hide

like the blue sky when I look left and right, it is no one by my side


I am somewhere between the isle of Hope and the isle of Tears

my options are not wide so I look up to my pride

nobody said life was going to be an easy ride

naturally I would look up and wish, and seek for a guide

but I came to realise life is bigger than You and I

At the bridge of both isle’s, all my knowledge I applied



The balance in my heart is stronger than that of my mind

My emotional scale is blowing higher as the situation intensify

I might be scared inside but it is all smiles on the outside

while my heart was racing, I was outward terrified

Everyone old or young has emotions they hide

I am on the bridge between the Isle of Hope and the Isle of Tears



where emotions are heightened, wisdom and knowledge cannot provide

My options and opinions became subsidised

My brain is out of comfort, not a good position for me to make a decision

nobody said I was going to have an easy life

Now the sky gets cloudy, but its about to rain

smiles on my face, as it is about to wash my pain


the rain drops while washing my tear drops, with my head down sadly

under the stormy weather the lightening bolts loudly


the situation begins to get me nostalgic

on the bridge of emotions, I could not exert simple logic

despite my erratic behaviour, my brain was static

heraldic to my cause, I felt like my emotions where under magic

to relax, I turn on my music to quiet down all the noise

now that I am in my zone, it is just a matter of time

The present is now past, I am heading to the Isle of Hope


Who Are You?

I know who you are

I can see the truth in the dark


Don’t be scared, I know life is really hard

Just be true to who you are

Everything is going to be alright

But first put the negativity out of sight


Don’t lean back unless you want to fall

stand straight, and stand tall

don’t allow yourself to be pushed to the wall

Why look down, if you are aiming for the stars

Just be true to who you are

Don’t let anyone tell you, you are wrong

Its never too late to turn life around

Order or Not

via Photo Challenge: Order 

You seem to be in a chaos

why is that, did you face a betrayal ?


Trust is strong don’t let it fall off

put yourself together, don’t wait for a lift off

why wait for someone, when you, yourself is a ‘someone

as long as you are breathing, your life is undone

make plans and actions the fight is far from won

Victoria Regia Water Lily and Lily Pads

life can be competitive so make the living fun

they say never be second to anyone

I say always be organised and be a real one

from birth to today, I carry the name A’one

my story is far from told, in fact, I has just began

An inspirational poet! what is the title of your song ?

The order’ of my display is like a hit and run

Still learning, so I am far from done.

3D Picture

via Daily Prompt: Adrift

Stages of life that is hanging on your back

Ways and claims that never got a tag

Don’t be surprised when you get an eject

Black on black, never be a cat

The wild on the loose never let it out

People in your shoes, never take their route

Words that recycle could never make a stack

Stay on yours cause it is all that you got

Life is on E, never gas it out

Words on the loose, never made it out

People in jail never could make a count

Dead in their grave does not mean they down

Life is a picture

3D does not say the scripture

You always think you are wise until you get a mixture

Man never gets wrong until shown the missing picture

Million years ago an asteroid destroyed nature

A bastard said we evolved to our current nature

So tell me, what the went wrong in this persons sculpture

The Journey

I know tomorrow is not promised but I hope it is

This life we are living is merely lucks and guesses

Heaven or hell, nobody knows what the address is


The journey, if you look at it is really scary

Not saying it cannot be roses and berries

We are slaves to this journey and the loads it carry


It is only right for you to be worried

When you find yourself powerless to a current situation

As time goes by, the load gets more heavy

Sisyphean toil

At first the emotions, you try to bury

Hoping to find for yourself a sanctuary

You remember the saying “every condition is temporary”

But yours just continues to becomes more deadly

Your circle begins to turn smaller and messy

Happiness and peace starts to seem like a camp fire story

Your tolerance begins to drop and patience…

…you’re on the verge of having none

Your struggles have just began

Everything seems dark, you cannot even recognise the sun


Giving up seems to be the best option

You have screamed and cried and even tried using a gun

A man holding a gun to his head

But inside, you know you cannot give the devil what he wants

Your thoughts and actions begin to get distorted

Sleep now for you is very limited

Everybody else around seems happy and to their life committed

Your pain ignored, it means nothing to them


You begin to wish for death to come

Your emotions begins to go numb

The weather for you comes with a heavy storm

But you are just one under the same weather

One with his own problems

One that is not flawless

One that is on a journey filled with rules but yet lawless


In time of sorrow do not only think of yourself

Think of everyone else

Use the energy of people around you but stay cautious

Do not let your emotions get the best of you and go thoughtless

Always be loyal to your fault and remain honest

You are but one tree inside a mighty forest

The journey is awful, the road is spooky from morning to night

To survive you need to understand LEFT and RIGHT

And one day EVERYTHING will be ALRIGHT

Welcome to the journey of life where it is DARK but you have to stand up to see LIGHT

Today Not Tomorrow

Sorrows in life comes but with the moment

today and tomorrow, nobody knows its content

we are burn to make mistakes, regardless the consequence

I vision a bird in the jungle that wakes up to one intent

fly out there and get food for her babies

she takes off with no relent


The version of the story where her hatchlings are left alone

come to think of it, their environment to them is still unknown

all they could do is cry for their mummy, but she is gone


there is not much you can do when life sets your tone

it is not something we miraculously come upon

while you are crying in here

there is someone trying to fight for your survival out there

we tend to be ignorant, but we really need to be aware

we say we want to be “free as a bird”

our lives and theirs we compare

not knowing tomorrow we look at today in despair

mama bird trying to find food with no assurance in the middle of nowhere

its like putting up in a dessert, a daycare

she runs into papa bird, and it stroke her like a nightmare

the beauty in love stories are always bizarre

together the fly in search and accompany each other

at the end we will always look after one another


so why qualm about tomorrow, when you can only live today

don’t take the best way, always take YOUR best way


Welcome To Real Life

They taught buhari could change it

Now they got frowns on their faces

They don’t understand the tribulation

Is it us or them ? but who’s ‘US

Well all I know is one nation

We need to open our brains

And focus our eyes

How many times do I need to say it

Before you realise the signs

This life we living ain’t paradise

The road is bumpy and at the end you die

We set goals, trying to aim for the sky

The irony of thoughts when we know we cannot fly

But such goals gives us a code we stand by

Giving birth to the rules and regulations we live by

But a goal is nothing when not applied

Every system needs a common goal to survive

Between you and I, we branch into many systems that multiply

Breaking and clashing our goals until it modifies

It is like a caterpillar growing into a butterfly

For some people such change could horrify

For some it will unify, some magnify, some crucify, some mystify,….

But in all categories, no one will forever be satisfied

Because time will never be on your side

yet we will still have good moments to glorify

But first, who we are, is what we need to identify

and the negatives in our brain, we detoxify

The visions in our eyes, we solidify

For our loved ones we are ready to sacrifice

You fall, you stand up, you fail, you retry

with a positive mental attitude, there is not a thing you cannot get by

Sometimes to be happy you might need to cry

Be who you are, not what people expect you be

No situation lasts for a life time.

Tú, agus Mé

Life gives you choices that are sometimes magnificent

You see between you and I, i am a lot different

We inhale and exhale just to live another moment

Some blow trees while some blow cigaret

What ever the case maybe, some still live to regret

That feeling that comes from inside sometimes lead to hatred

And thats where we differ but i aint trying to be ignorant

I always say life is a bitch but we are all under her influence

In this world we live we only have one assurance

Life or death, and there is no insurance

Which is why i live by now, cause now is always my present

Its just different between you and I in every life segment

I don’t speak a lot cause i prefer to read through the lines and detect

All the bullshit and lies, how far you gone take it, to what extent

I love playing mind games, depends on who is present

Between you and i, I’ve been through a lot that is really unpleasant

But yet am smiling even to those who would prefer me under the cement

When you speak, I listen and think of what you’re thinking not the content

Everybody is hidden behind a mask, I know this cause I have a lot in my closet

Safe Lane

In the world of pain

You and i shall gain

No matter the weather, how heavy the rain

You and i shall raise again

No matter the storm, we shall not go astray

Life is a bitch and we are stock on her lane

From beginning to end of each of our days

Its all about how good you can play your game

No matter the negativity that comes your way

A hurricane never stopped at a traffic to take the ‘give way’

You aint built to take the easy way

So man up and accept your faith

Its a war between you and your finish lane

Trade carefully before you fall victim to the destiny of claim

Power is a bitch and she lights up your lane

Destiny is something that comes in the past and in the future came

Triple 6 has always been a number for pain

This world is an evil jungle and its feeding on your name

Which Mofo invented an ID as a means of claim

The politics is real and it blinds your way

You know not of anything about this world..safer to stay on your lane


Ahmad Abdul-One

Switch Lanes

I never switched sides

I just switched lanes

I got older and realised everybody ain’t built the same

There are just times in life that you have to look away

Some might say you gave up cause they don’t understand your way

Some might be silent but eyeing you in display

Either ways none of them carries your pain

So put a restriction when it come to carrying your gain

Not to point the obvious but that is the point of switching lanes

Life is a bitch and you are riding on her train

Her sisters are mean, you don’t want to get under their veins

By name, they are witch, bitch and snitch

Open your eyes and use your brain a little, you might see what I mean

But were ever there is bad, you would always have good behind the frame

Destiny is something else, it could be as harsh a hurricane

Or it could be as nice as the rain *

Either ways only one could taste as good as a sugar cane

They say peace is often difficult to attain

But on the contrary, I say peace is often difficult to maintain

More…this more problem, which do you refrain

As soon as you open your mouth, they say ‘why do you complain?’

They weigh their life and what they believe is yours and call you inhumane

Those are people that – life is hard to explain

They say “if you can’t beat them join them” that’s a negative say

And thats why I don’t switch sides, I just switch lanes.


*(The irony of a hurricane being advantage to newly contractions and rain being a disaster as destroying them constructions)

-29th April, 2017-

Ahmad Abdul-One