I Know You

You said you would be there for me 

In my dark times you will care for me 

In my sad days you will cry with me 


I know you have tried for me 

now you are no where to be found

my heart beats to portrait your sound

tears when I picture you being around 

you have been there for me since day one

It is still difficult to think about you gone 

the beautiful smiles you put even when I am wrong 

sleepless nights you had just to satisfy my wants 

African-American single-parent family

I know you have been there for me

now it is my turn to indulge you with my support

I was always at peace with you around 

something about you that made everyone around you better 

you were my bread and butter 

you were my source of joy and shelter 

you always kept it positive no matter the weather 

how ever terrible, no matter the pressure 

you taught me what it meant to “never say never”


I know you have cried for me

and now you are living peacefully 

…….gracefully in harmony 

you were my therapy 

…….my remedy

my happiness…you were the recipe 

somewhere in my dreams I know I can always find you 

I know you have cared for me

and now you are living gracefully 

you will always be in my heart,

I know you….The Greatest Person Ever.





Love Conversation

what is a love affair with just a couple tears 

she said she is feeling kind of lonely 

her heart pumps for mine only 

she said she is cold, “baby can you hold me?” 

it is getting kind of dark can you stay closely 

beside you she said “baby I feel so cozy”

“I have got a lot going on, so I need you beside me”

she reached out..”Baby can you hold me –

your hands locked with mine makes me feel holy” 

she looked me in the eye and said 

“baby do you love me ?”

If I wasn’t here with you, “would you miss me ?”

I know you won’t let me down, 

all I need is you as my trophy 

she leans on my chest and said 

“baby if I break down –

will you catch my tears before it hits the ground”

when my heart cry “do you hear the sound”

she said “I fell into your love pool and drowned 

I do not need you to save me 

all I want is for you to stick around

and love me”

come here girl and hug me 

no need to worry, I am going to be your prince charming 

I would not catch your tears!…

baby with me, you won’t break down 

I am here for you, I am here to stick around 

forget about your past girl, 

you are about to witness a love you have never thought about

You will be my queen

baby lets start a family 

lets show Romeo and Juliet what love really mean 

live every morning like it is February 14 

girl I am going to love you till they change the meaning in the dictionary 

It is funny how, even right beside you I miss you 

this is not true love, this is pure 

God forbid anyone that tries to come between me and my girl




Story of Life

Story of life one need told

to be amongst stars, one need control

crown of glory is what one need hold

discipline is what one need unfold

words without action is merely a scarecrow

To live for mistakes is how one grow

Avoiding failure is not what one do

The sun always shine while the moon move

neither ever complained about me or you

unstoppable is the wind, one that blows

no storm could stop it, it continues to go

a tree that ‘follows the process’ will continue to grow

one need not take his\her eyes off the goal

a melting ice doesn’t complain of cold

story of life that could destroy ones soul

dark like the storm yet to be foretold

sharp as a needle yet shines like gold

one stab fatal like a Mike Tyson blow

dark everywhere yet in the middle of snow

dumped like a forgotten cargo

close to the switch about to let go

Story of life that one need true

peaceful as a bird that fly in the blue

beautiful as the girl you keep beside you

astonishing as one understands the view

that life is something like a school

lessons is why’ …me and you

everything else is what one need go through

all options that only one can choose

yet one need only to be one

story of life need affect the soul

Thinking Souls

she used to be the apple of my eye

one I could give it up all for without thinking twice

the only light in my dark, she shines even at night

never cared if we’ were wrong, in my heart she’s right

O yes! she broke my heart (sigh)..shit, I call it life

I know I am not perfect, but I am usually the one you call at night

talk about this and that, till your eyes close and you are out of sight

welcome to the dream world, it’s looking like paradise

it’s just me and you now, how do you want to roll the dice

It’s obvious a simple roll would suffice

yet you over think it, saying my heart is as cold as ice

a perfect moment crushed

a percentage of the feelings lost

a part of my heart tossed

guess my heart has now’ defrost

thinking souls lost

at what cost

I call it ‘love holocaust’

because it’s time to switch it off




Te extraño (I miss You)

I was going to cut you off

but you handed me the scissors

this should not have come between us

but I know we are both on a mission

I cannot lie and say I understand your position

but right now, we both are in a similar situation

Egos are piking to its full definition

in the beginning you were my best acquisition

you fuelled my joy, you were its nutrition

you let me into your heart with no tuition

just a common goal and mutual feeling

true love and respect with caring

it was me and you against all, for some reason

now its me against you for no reason

our relationship has reached its ceiling

“me and you” now has no meaning

it burns me inside yet my heart is freezing

every breath I take now feels like poison

I thought this was best, but I was mistaken

I now see what a foolish mistake I am making

we compliment each other like Adam and Eve

I cannot just sit back and watch you leave

the feeling without you is something I cannot conceive

the wise always say “forget and forgive”

lets put this behind us please

I care too much to let you grieve

because I know You will miss me

and I miss you too




Me Juliet (Made for You)

Baby I love you

I never said this but I miss you

all the fun we had boo

and the damages that we could do

our part crossed and we became glued

a heart that is hungry for just you

you have never felt this kind of love, True

you came around and I felt you

could not imagine a me without you

I look into the mirror it’s you

you look into the mirror its who?


your eyes

Those thighs

You…! shake up my whole life

7 billion, yet no one could match your smile

pure heart and it’s all mine

I think I am catching feelings from deep inside

her love overshadows me like the blue sky

her beauty has me hypnotised

You are the key to if I survive

or commit a suicide

A living Romeo and Juliet in disguise

fear not for your sorrows are wiped out

my love is open, make my heart your new hideout

baby girl, this is forever – there is no timeouts

so sit back, and relax, and watch me go all out




Choice (Married to Life)

He who gives you hope

needs not give you scope

Like the sirens life is always blue and red

do not worry, It’s only right to be scared


The light could never shine without the dark

the balance is intertwined just open your mind

From the moon and dawn shall be the sun

from the womb came you, then your son

As time goes, are you surviving to be alive

or are you alive to survive

she plays mind games to test your pride

she is such a beauty, but yet so wild

I call her destiny, you call her ‘Life’

Is it the same with life, you treat your spouse

before you answer, think twice

not all choices are there for you to make

some choices are only available to take




Dark Pain

I know you’re looking down on me

the turbulence

even the weather frowns on me

the rain cries with me

the wind blows the pain

but it always comes right back at me

the feeling is mean

even happy don’t smile at me

the light doesn’t shine on me

I walk into the kitchen

I cook my pain

but it poisons my spirit

everyone is distant

I walk mine alone

the whole distance

dead or alive

I don’t even know’

why I am living



Heart’s Sorrow

This feeling is reckless

a thin line between selfish and heartless

we should be past this stage,

our relationship needs to progress

yet you distance your love from me

you say I am “X” to you but treat me the opposite

I know your feelings come first,

but does mine even matter to you

imagine all the pain you have put me through

This feeling is reckless

a thin line between selfish and heartless

the tears that follow

every inch of my sorrow

the pain I carry today

only to multiply tomorrow

but that is none of your concern, right ?!

It seems all my pain does is entertain you

Well, I am glad I could do something for you.




The painter

A paint brush can paint a picture

ones’ twist that gets the mind richer

bunch of colours to a certain structure

all it takes is the right mixture

and the mind could create its theatre

past worries gone and life getting better

the mind throws out unwanted folders

one begins to keep positive composure

black and white as the paint brush over

life lessons comes but like a rollercoaster

grab the brush cause to your life you are the owner

If your life was human, would you paint it ?