Another day another crisis that befalls our soul
I know it is difficult but how do we expect to survive in this cold
Some are dying to find Tuwo
While others are killing in the name of political control

Abduction news continue to increase
An economy our country has given birth to–off its sleeve
Mothers are in tears and on their knees
Your main focus was to abduct a bird for speaking the truth

The man behind the men behind the man
You might not be one of us, but humanity goes beyond a land
We are pleading with you to not kill because you can
We are a nation that should be united not divided by politicians and gunmen

We have been wronged’ is not a license to do wrong
It is not easy but we need to be strong
For ourselves and those weak we carry along
And one day, beside the Green White and Green we shall sing a happy song

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2021.

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