The first 30 minutes after this will answer the title
How determined are you to complete your puzzle
Or are you too scared to be great that you would rather settle
Riddle me this — what is the title to your life’s jingle ?

They say opportunity comes but once in a lifetime
I say opportunity is one and it lasts a lifetime
The decision is yours but it is best used in your prime
Your journey might be difficult but there is no mountain too hard to climb

No one said it was going to be easy as did none say it was going to be hard
For every shuffled deck, everyone gets a different card
Would you play or complain that you were dealt a more difficult hand ?
Might it be easy nor hard only you can play your game with your own hands

2 thoughts on “Hands or Deck

  1. An inspirational poem as always Mr A’one yet apprehensive to some
    Most people would rather go home, protected under an umbrella of fear,than go big .

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