Amongst a group of people rises a king
To what reason remains at heart to explain
How could one be so bold or is he just not cut-the same

After an innocent lecture is titled your name
You hear such comments that keeps you wondering
Did we actually listen to the same lecture

“I was perplexed by the lecture”
…I couldn’t make sense out of what he said
You try to explain, but he still doesn’t understand

He will never understand because he is the perplexed
The reason you explain is because you’re the explainer
One can only exhibit who he/she is

The critic will always find something to criticize
The excuser will always find another excuse
The sleeper will always find time to sleep

Who you are can be changed with who you want to be
Psychology will tell you a simple training to the brain will do the trick
Religious scholars will tell you prayer and belief is all you need

The distinction between who you are and want to be
Is similar to that of facts and reality
The truth be it one, is your reality a fact or your fact a reality


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