Words are given as advice
Although the best advice hardly comes in word form
Remember, he that can listen with his eyes can see the lessons of the wise
And words said can be forgotten in a blink of an eye

Repetition is perfection
One read is like a sip from an ocean
Greatness is never achieved in one station
Greatness is a by product of Repetition

Call me an uber
My ink needs a hoover
Vaccum me and inhale to be clever
This words of poetry is only for the listener

Because you read doesn’t mean you listen
Your actions do differ from that which you think
To what degree could the man in the mirror not look at you
What wisdom could there be to make the sun look like the moon

Poetry is a universal broom
The wisdom of a writer that sweeps your mental groove
words of wisdom that rhymes with your personal mood
When it doesn’t hit hard it has this sting that makes you feel good

Poetry is in you and me
This is why wisdom recides within you and me
To be confident in that is key
Always find your therapeutic wisdom in each poetry


4 thoughts on “Therapeutic Poetry

  1. Poetry is in you and me
    Wisdom resides within you and me
    But not every of you understands the wisdom from me
    Thus making poetry different.
    Another work accomplished Mr A’one
    With every poem of yours, I seem to be dragged into a whole different universe…poeticverse as you call it.

    Liked by 1 person

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