My shadow conspired against me

I thought I could rely on it to be there for me

Despite being the closest to me

The moment darkness appears it disappear

I hear what you say about me

I understand my pain brings you joy

Or is it you’re the type that just wishes to see everyone fall

I just hope you do remember we all fall to prostrate to get closer to the Lord

Thus when you see me down do not kick me

I might fall 90 degree and you 180

He, you see on the ground has nothing to lose

For the only way forward for him is up

Compassion they say is for the weak

How weak of you to lack compassion for those off their feet

Have you forgotten when you crawled on your knees before getting on your feet

Standing above someone does not mean his defeat

The rain needs to fall for plants to grow

The more you put him down the stronger his roots grow

Beware his roots might take over yours

Thus, do not scare for what you can’t get, for you might get it rare

Every action attracts another

Should you wish good for yourself, do good

How do you wish bad on another just to feel good

To what satisfaction would you feel when there is no one to celebrate your good

This life we live is an illusion

The better you are at imagery the closer you are to success

No good image could come out of a bad heart

Not even a good image of a rotten heart

My shadow did conspire against me

But never has it wished bad nor harm towards me

Thus, why when it’s bright it perfects my imaginary

Life might be mean but you determine it’s meaning

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