Aromas can be deceiving

I felt one Pass-by that needed a second perceiving

I was blinded by the scent that I couldn’t catch neither a glimpse nor the glamour of her face

I was forced to make a turn

She had that type of scent that takes you to Mars and beyond

What sort of beauty presents it’s self before me…I cannot explain

she has the type of beauty that humbles a man

I was watching her walk off as my brain kept going round like a fan

I needed to get it together, I quickly began to develop a plan

If her aroma only could put me into such a blur

I fear for what a conversation could cause

I walked up to her with my heart at awww

She was such an angel, her beauty had no flaws

Excuse me, do you understand the laws of attraction, I said

Because you have already broken so many…

Is that so ? She exclaimed

In fact you have broken all but one

Really” she asked

Yes dear,

And which one is that ?”

I smiled and said …My heart

She curiously giggled

Her smile was like the sweetest bird whistle

Every word she say shoots joy into my heart like a missile

I am A-One by name

What may I call you, before I step out of place

You have to forgive me, your beauty has me off balance

I am fighting my heart as it is to take control

Your aroma has stolen my soul

Your beauty has dismembered my whole

How is it that I do not know you, just a sniff of your fragrance and you have become my goal

…After a couple laughs and smile

She mentioned to me she adores my style

My name is ******

She requested for my mobile

And instagram profile

We exchanged contacts and parted ways

But I was still lost in her aromas haze

I kept repeating her words phrase by phrase

“I am happy to have met you today…for some reason your words have sent my worries on holiday”

I needed to schedule a date

I needed to get another sniff of her aroma right away

She came for our date with a different aroma

Less enticing that my eyes was open

And my brain was free to think on its own

It took me awhile to believe she was the same person

She began to get irritated towards my lack of convincing

Suddenly my perfect lady became a regular beauty

I pleaded with her to reuse that same fragrance when meeting me

Only for me to find our next date turning into a family tree fantasy meeting

I saw a beauty I could not comprehend

I fell in love and I am afraid it is not with her

Her aroma has me in a trans of lust

I found me a lover but I am more in love with her aroma

She carries a scent from heaven

So appealing and appetizing

That a local man cannot can with her Aroma

Indeed she is a beauty with a lethal Aroma

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