I have lost that which cares
Whom to who mine is cared
I was frustrated but not scared
For in life one need to sacrifice his heir

I thought I was done losing
Then came another that had me whipping
Sadness by sorrow that made me a victim
Why me? Remained the unanswered question

I thought you have had enough
How much more of me do you need to destroy
What pain is there left for you to employ
My death is on the way, hopefully that might put you to a smile of joy

Shall I be fallen
My name can never be forgotten
This life as we know it is history
That we are alive does not mean you destroy one’s destiny

Today is not tomorrow
What I do not see does not mean I am blind
Yes the Eagle flies higher for a wider view
But the lion needs to come closer for the perfect meal

What is a grim life to a peaceful soul
A perfect handshake with a roughten glove
A thunderstorm without electric bolts
A happy family with a broken soul

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