I sought the journey of truth

My thoughts needed to produce new fruits

It was just a dream they say — for I was a youth

I was young and had the energy so journey began from the roots


Centuries before slavery 

Africans were known for their bravery 

We perfected Arts before shakespeare learnt poetry

But capitalism was not ours, so we never stole from our family tree


We cultivated a natural life 

Stones were carved using the blades of knife

Nature was ours from morning till night 

We lived in peace with our sons, daughters and wife


Suddenly, the Arabs came 

They enslaved us in the name of trade 

Forced us to change our ways 

Now most of us have adopted their names 


Then came the caucasian man 

With all intentions of conquering the African man

They too came disguised to trade 

Again we traded our names and became slaves


It seems trade is the devils red carpet 

But instead of goods it is our people being sold as black market  

Why Africa when there is five other continents 

Beware what you plant in your garden — Time will come when you shall harvest



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