They deny us the culture of civilisation

They speak ill of us that we are a third world nation

Because they can’t grow so they sink us 

So we keep looking at them from a far distance 

Somehow we get the impression that we need their assistance


They consciously bait us to unconsciously submit to their creed

They send us aid to aid our greed 

They tell us lies to boost our esteem 

We inhale their smoke while they blow our steam 

We inhale the smokes to the ashes of their weed


They never cared for us to succeed

Many years ago they derived joy in making us bleed

Today, nothing has changed but the method to their routine 

They come speaking the truth trying to map out our needs

We fall victim and forget history until we find ourselves bleeding on our knees


By now it might seem to you this poem is about race 

Not a nation is bound by words, this is just political disgrace 

We go falling in circles because we fail to accept our place

Look at the person’s heart before you go judging his face

It might be more similar to yours because you both share the same fate


They victimise while you judge 

Despite your lack of qualifications you refuse to budge 

It is only ignorant of you to expect them to desist their game 

I know you have the impression that it is a free world 

And with the right luck, you could be on their lane 


Luck might be a factor but your heart is the key 

No one but you can tell you what it is you can and you cannot be

The moment you judge, you fall right under their sleeve

It is not but what, rather who when it comes to need

So before you look outside I suggest you look within


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