They said space and time would make me heal
I find it hard because that statement fails to apply to me
I am loosing control, I need you on the wheel
Somehow everything just goes away the moment I hear you speak

You found me broken in tears and you mended my soul
You taught me how to love again and became my friend
I need that healer in you because my heart Is bleeding
You seem to be the only one that can put a smile on my sad face

I need you to catch me before I hit the ground
Look me in the eye and tell me I am the only one
Kiss me like its your first and your last
Hug until I feel every inch of your bones in my spine

Take me to bed and make me feel at home
Take care of my broken soul
Make me vulnerable but not insecure
Accept my heart as it beats for you, its cure

Make me love you so much that I hate you
Make me smile so much that my mouth begins to hurt me
Make me so happy that I forget what sad feels
Love me so much that I wake up in gratitude of having you

I don’t want to cry but I am on my knees
I have searched high, I have searched low – no one compares to you
You know when and what I want and what I need
I want forever with you, come to me let’s farm and harvest your seeds.


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