It is a morning roar
Thus the coffee need be strong
A billionaire doesn’t sleep after dawn

It’s never where did we stop yesterday
Yesterday’s problem is not for today
A billionaire doesn’t put stress on his plate

Everywhere you go is money talk
How ironic only few can do the money walk
A billionaire is not about the say it’s the Act

They say what you sew is what you rip
Unless it is harvesting season what are you trying to rip
A billionaire understands the notion of “Trust the process”

It is luxury that you seek
How naive and weak
A billionaire puts peoples’ before his need

What do you do with your 24
Do you talk and dream of being better than before
A billionaire dreams but (s)he acts in accord

The poor wants to be happy
The rich have, to be happy
A billionaire achieves to be happy


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