Winter came early this year

It came with such a harsh weather that my emotions couldn’t bear

Not long I began to feel uncomfortable in my own atmosphere

So soon I found myself at the brim of getting accustomed to beer


I was embraced with a nagging welcome 

Stinging words that spit like venom

“Baby calm down, let us discuss the problem”

My voice ignited a rage within her that almost burst through my eardrum 


You don’t buy me flowers no more 

You don’t take me out for dinner no more 

You don’t buy me gifts no more

You don’t even text me no more 


Naturally, I was lost of words 

Her outraging complaints were just absurd 

“Baby you need to calm down for anything to be solved”

“Who said I wasn’t calm, I am calm, I am calm” she slurred


Over two months we have been locked under isolation

To what sensation am I with you that I need to text you ?

I love you, I miss you, I say it whenever I see you

I do not know why it hurts you but if it means that much to you

I am going to Text You.


Baby you are my rosemary 

I sleep to your fragrance, I wake up to it because it makes me so merry

You know the only reason I don’t get you flowers is the pandemic

Worry not my love for I am going to put the biggest bouquet of smile to your face 

The type that makes you feel angelic 


I understand our dinners are not as romantic as before 

But seeing you upset like that shook my core 

Get dressed for tonight we are going to have a ball 

The experience will land your jaws to the floor 

Luckily my cooking is something you adore


I was under the impression I was your favorite gift

I would assume my presence will be enough for you to not think of another 

Worry not my love for I have a gift that awaits you after dinner 

I could give you a clue but it could make us miss or rush through our dinner 

Now let me go shopping so I could prepare the best meal for my one and only lover.



2 thoughts on “Isolated Romance

  1. I love you, I miss you, is not always enough
    We ladies have outrageous demands.
    One of my favorites so far, I really connected with this poem.
    Thank you Mr A’one

    Liked by 1 person

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