The clouds aren’t raining 

Rage of war; lightening residing 

Within the nature of life 

The balance of peace is dying

The call to power

Political charms of the dishonored 

Cowering behind their influential tower

In the name of documents that upsets our culture

The strong feeds over the weak

The innocent is crucified into a murder scene

The parody of hell on earth 

No exaggerations; just politics of poetry each day of the week

We stare at death to its face 

The priority of the masses has been misplaced 

Your use of power is a disgrace 

It seems morality has walked Out-The gates

Twenty four hours of dark clouds

Depression keeps gaining more crowd 

Congratulations in contriving another poor orphan child

As a leader I am sure you could not be more proud


It’s Dark Clouds in every house 

Mistrust between our nations spouse 

It’s a lifestyle of elephant and mouse 

I guess that is why the feel responsible to siphon all the cheese

The Clouds are getting Dark

We need to make right our Constitutional Act

Our balance of peace faces a tumult Dark Cloud

The purity of rain has vicissitude to bloodlust


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