How sympathetic of you to be sympathetic 

Why sympathize when you are never sympathized 

If all you see is criticism 

It is only right for you to criticize your next victim 


They say one plus one equals two 

But me plus you becomes Us 

You see how I sympathized with your logic to gain trust 

Sometimes Choice can change our course sympathetically 


An old man that wakes to work faces a different challenge  

So does me, you and them; to sympathize is to quantify

How weak to find it boastful to claim my “struggle” triumphs’ yours

We all have the same 24; my intentions were never for me to endure 


We all have survived to live another day

Either ways, it should not matter your pain 

Rather the journey, the experiences you overcame 

Serve food for thought; the fruits of your labour 


Life was never meant to be peaceful 

Only you plus I could start up a peace coup 

How sympathetic of me; such a wishful thinking 

It is only right for me to be sympathetic, for this ship of ours is rapidly sinking



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