Every Challenge carries A double L 

No losses when life is a Living Hell 

So remember, before you accept that L 

A bigger picture might spell it ALL


We Live to Learn 

As we Learn to Earn 

Rhetorically we Earn to Live

But sometimes the process cuts a little/much too deep


Hence, It is only right we shed a couple tears 

I put myself in your shoes and I fell to the floor 

I tried to express my concerns but that conversation went ‘out the door 

So I put it in writing but the paper grieved my pain in tears


Life can be mean 

But the journey do come with zings 

You either get eaten by a shark or catch the biggest fish at sea

Thus, instead of my eye, I let the poem cry

One too many tears that could start a pond

For every Fish witnesses the storm

Even underneath water, it do rain

No limit to where pain can’t go, even my Poem Cries.





6 thoughts on “Poem Cry

  1. Oh how wonderful. You are very intelligent. Yet you keep me waiting weeks for another “A.one experience”. If there is any way i could read new pieces from you everyday. I am left to read your pieces over and over again because every time i do i just find a new meaning to each. Long story short. When are we getting a new one ☻

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