I am mean

I am ruthless 

I am  toothless 

but my bites do sting 

Yes, I am Life 


I can take away your joy for fun

Ruin your day because I am bored

put you in a bad mood and trot

and when you ask “why me ?

I smile and say

Because I Can


You love me and hate me at the same time

At times You wish you could leave me but your only option is suicide 

You ever wondered if your death affects me ?

While thinking, did you ever wonder if I actually exist.

It might seem like I am toying with your thoughts

Thats only possible because I can


Under the worst weather I can make you happy

Behind the scenes I can make people proud of you

when you’re lonely I can accompany you

when you’re Ill I can treat you

we would run short on ink listing things I can do for you


I might be mean but I am also munificent

I might be ruthless but I am also nonviolent

I might be toothless but I am not blunt

Yes, my bite might sting, but my smile does more miracles than magic

because I can 

because I am Life!



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