She left me stranded 

I watched her walk away like a princess 

as the wind blew her hair down through her dress 


Her shadow waving back saying bye 

as water filled up in my eye

thoughts recycling in my mind 

baby I just want to know why 


I gave you all and then some 

my love for you came in abundance 

you promised me forever 

and now you are telling me never 


You walking away makes my heart go bitter 

not even a look-back to see my face once more 

I stood there till your shadow became no more 


The Ants underneth my feet thought it was raining 

not knowing it was just my tears dropping 

thunder storm that was just my heart breaking 

lightening that was just my teeth rumbling 


Baby girl my heart is broken 

don’t walk away, I still love you 

I see images of you calling me 

blurry visions of a world with just us two 


I still remember the first day I saw you 

if I was told one day I would call you boo 

I will trade that information with a pot of Gold 

don’t leave me baby girl 


I know I messed up, I am already regretting it all 

One last chance and you won’t even cough 

baby since you didn’t look back or say something 

or even pick up my calls 

I will remain out here with my shattered heart sleeping on the floor

This spot marks the last memory of you and I

I shall remain here until you call on me or I die 



4 thoughts on “Walk OFF

  1. Hi,
    Keep the amazing work up!.
    They say you know a man by his actions and not his words. Indeed your words enliven the beauty in men. Your words creates action which stirs the man in you- well done

    Liked by 1 person

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