Am about to take a trip down memory lane 

it might hurt but it is worth the stain 

but at this time, the pain is all gain 

6 years in that building

me and my folks termed it to be prison 

filled with all types of adventure, am talking of ITC

from JS1 to SS3 I’ve always been rocking with the C

its funny how towards ending we became bloods and crips

flash back when Bulama was most wanted 

2 weeks straight, and he was living in the building 

as a junior it was a hell lots of dodging 

potion, classes, field pickings, assembly, dinning, sanitations, etc 

getting your assignments done 5 minutes before submission 

thinking back, in cheating, we were some genius 

not forgetting the times we got bullied 

all the labour and punishment we carried

remember the hustles during the ‘free week’

its funny how just everybody was broke in that week

omg extension, you just have to love it 

back in 09 who knew we could reach this

young kids dripping swag, never thought of growing 

the fashion was real despite all the forming 

the walk to the mosque during Magrib, y’all know what am talking

the seating position inside for a better view, remember who you looking?

the pain of the strokes you took in front of them girls, but you just had to chest it 

the war between we js3 and then ss3

when Abba dot took 7 of them to the clinic 

all the counting’s and the ‘one boy’ callings 

when you had to wait till the dinning is full before eating 

don’t forget all the meat, y’all have been taking

(waksa and Kaku) 

between boys and girls, there was a hell lot of watching 

you stayed clean, but we all know why you did it 

the struggle of washing and ironing 

all the insults and stereotyping of Nupe people in their building 

you are a lier if you say you didn’t 

but yet they stayed with us, and we all still living 

don’t forget about my man Shamaki 

all thanks to Alhaji Bology 


to be continued…

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