How soon do we forget

Few months ago you came to me for support

I gave you my love, I gave you my time with passion

You feed me with hope, you made my expectations grow

I stood in line for you, eager and ready to fight for you

I argued… I even cried for you

My Brothers, my Sisters were ready to die for you


You came to me with change

I forgot to ask, what was your range ?

I guess blind love never has a gage

Now I find myself in my darkest days

I reached out…I reach out

What have I done to deserve this route ?

You signed up to protect me

You said “I cannot be chief security”

Then why are you still in our office


I go to my home, I am dead

On my way to work, I am dead

I go to the farm, I am dead

I go to the market, I am dead

I go to school, I am dead

Our children walk outside, they are dead

Yet you cruise on the air,

A glass sip of orange juice with no despair

It seems, an inauguration is more important than our death

This is Just a month later! I fear the next level of our future



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