Beaten down to the floor 

The good side of life was never at my door 

A slim string of hope I had to hold strong

..thoughts……how many shoes I could fix in a day 

I have tried this and that but it never paved a way 

today and tomorrow under the minimum wage 

covered all day in glue and polish stains 

walking miles neglecting the pains 

however little, I just needed the gains 

to survive in a world where all is for the taking 

where everyone only cares about what they’re making

a little act of kindness would always be breathtaking 

I have always remained humble and it paid off

the light shined on me and I stood up

with open an mind I woke up

“opportunity comes but once in a lifetime”

very opportune I am for mine to come in my prime

I worked hard, I worked smart, I worked overtime 

Now I rest to see how strong a support my ladder has for me to climb

who knew from being a full-time Cobbler 

I will go to school and graduate as a first class Scholar 



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