As I stand up facing the lake

I raise my hands up to say my grace

The beauty I see just amazes my face

One water United as it takes its race

I ask the lord to put me up high with the greats

But I know first off, I need to buckle my lace

Deep breath, as the wind flows in space

Sun Shine, it is time to pick up the pace

“No looking back, no need to look back from where I came”

Said the birds that flew over from where I gaze

Eyes blink at the emotional bubble within  Bouillabaisse

I thank God as I go down to my knees

while I picture the killings, I thought of my niece

Why is it so hard? all we ask for is peace

Rain drops as the river flows with speed

Livestock smiles to the rain as they feed

Live long to see tomorrow is all that it seeks

Rain stops, while the butterfly wakes up from sleep

A true beauty that is unique with every breed

Nature blossom is a pretty  one indeed

“worry not little one, in this life you will succeed”

said a Fox to his son as they walk by the stream

I look up in wisdom as I stand up to my feet

BooHoo Haha, like it is Halloween.


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