I have dreamt a dream

but not the dream has come for me 

the visions I see remains blurry in my memory

for I have sin 

the darkness has come to hunt me 

the contents of my memory has rendered me a victim 

the power of choice that fuels our lives with purpose 

as we live in hope, we take away from reality 

the man in the mirror was never meant to look at me

as the visions begin to get clear, life gets a little scarier 

black or white, I think Micheal jackson said it better 

when they control your fear, it gives them more power

gracefully as we all go to sleep 

somewhere under the sky as the sleep gets deep 

rah rah! noises that scared away my dream 

four eyes have seen 

the darkness have commit to taunt me 

the visions I have seen remains blurry in my memory 

I have dreamt a dream 

and now the dream has come for me.


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