I feel in love with success

I feel in love with progress

I had to deal with experience

It showed me the road to excellence

I had to break up with bad friends

I needed to say no to bad influence

I began to cuddle myself with growth

And the beauty of success began to show

Every morning and night I learn

Every morning and night I earn

The moment I decided to cheat

Was the time I went backwards with my dream

I had to trust the process

For only then did I see progress

And only then could I reach the peak of success

Like a general I was on a mission

Sole purpose to execute my vision

I came across some obstacles

Wins and losses that gave me a better view

Your network spells your net worth

So I had to find contacts that show support

Back in the days they preach hard-work

Nowadays they preach smart-work

Time does not speak to anyone

So, do not live life like everyone.


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