I gave you my heart

you shattered it to pieces

I gave you my time

you ignored it

I tried to show you love

but you neglect me

in respect to freedom

I shall let-you-be

the sorrow my heart shall carry

in time the pain shall vary

but the memory is something I cannot bury

the sleepless nights

remembering the freight

how we crashed

why did you even say “yes”

I was slave to nature

your smiles with no make up

you said I was funny, like a stand up

now I see, it was all a setup

you had me wrapped in your hands’ like a teacup

I guess the heat I came with was not enough

saying bye before it began is really tough

one two..three four…just put me in handcuffs

I have tried this thing called ‘Love’

and have nothing to show for

the beauty, the adventure, the…is all in short-run

Alone I mend my pieces

Never again shall someone put it back to pieces


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