Raise up from the blue 

morning walk to school 

matching is our shoes 

the books as our tool 

white and brown down our feet 

wisdom and knowledge is what we seek

education is always key 

only listen to what is good

information the brain takes as food 

you are always twice better than what you see 

in the mirror, the reflection that seems 

so why take to heart 

what the voices outside spill 

negativity always shadows positive 

a slip of tongue spells chance to exploit 

the knowledge within comes as shield

a power that make the GREATS live 

knowledge is gold that never devalues 

…that never comes in abundance 

“The more you give to life

the more you get from life”

The more knowledge you share 

the more knowledge you learn

the more peace and satisfaction you earn 

the more ignorance you burn 

the more better and closer to the GREATS you come

So when you see knowledge please DO NOT run



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