Green White Green 

the anthem we sing 

Practice what you preach

hope you preaching peace 

through every corner, every street

You look after me – I look after you

just as it should be 

Tell me your pain 

for only together shall we gain 

Green White Green 

listen to what the anthem preach

the Eagle and Horse 

the unity from within 

the pledge we all took 

should never go in vain 

“I pledge to Nigeria my country

To be Faithful, Loyal and Honest”

Green white Green 

the story the anthem teach 

not far from reach 

so please do not be weak 

Unmatched is our people by far

open your mind the image gets clearer 

Oh Yes! the story will get better 

no victory in battle nor war 

when even only one struggle 

Green White Green

The adventures of my lovely jungle 



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