Lazy lazy I am that lazy

Make you-na listen

I am that lazy

You talk am yourself

No be lie mr prezi

Spend months for London

I be that lazy

Ask Naija why she lazy

My guy talk am

Him say you lazy

Kabiru wan be doctor

Naija turn am to farm tractor

Tunde wan be accountant

Naija make am dey work for restaurant

Aysha wan be lawyer

Now na Acara She dey fry so far

Naija Naija my beautiful Naija

Why all the wahala

I be your brotha

Talk to me my brotha

Make we invite the sistas

Discuss dis tin wey de hold us back

Our future from the start

From north to the south

Our vision done dey drop

Oboy, this rainfall no go stop

Open your mind and talk

Tell devil make him walk

This body no be shop

My beautiful Naija we have seen and saw

The beauty wey them draw

A beauty like the ocean

so natural and pure

Shha….🤦🏽‍♂️ [Deep breath],

we shall neva fall

till the end, it is me and you, my Naija.




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