You said you would be there for me 

In my dark times you will care for me 

In my sad days you will cry with me 


I know you have tried for me 

now you are no where to be found

my heart beats to portrait your sound

tears when I picture you being around 

you have been there for me since day one

It is still difficult to think about you gone 

the beautiful smiles you put even when I am wrong 

sleepless nights you had just to satisfy my wants 

African-American single-parent family

I know you have been there for me

now it is my turn to indulge you with my support

I was always at peace with you around 

something about you that made everyone around you better 

you were my bread and butter 

you were my source of joy and shelter 

you always kept it positive no matter the weather 

how ever terrible, no matter the pressure 

you taught me what it meant to “never say never”


I know you have cried for me

and now you are living peacefully 

…….gracefully in harmony 

you were my therapy 

…….my remedy

my happiness…you were the recipe 

somewhere in my dreams I know I can always find you 

I know you have cared for me

and now you are living gracefully 

you will always be in my heart,

I know you….The Greatest Person Ever.




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