Story of life one need told

to be amongst stars, one need control

crown of glory is what one need hold

discipline is what one need unfold

words without action is merely a scarecrow

To live for mistakes is how one grow

Avoiding failure is not what one do

The sun always shine while the moon move

neither ever complained about me or you

unstoppable is the wind, one that blows

no storm could stop it, it continues to go

a tree that ‘follows the process’ will continue to grow

one need not take his\her eyes off the goal

a melting ice doesn’t complain of cold

story of life that could destroy ones soul

dark like the storm yet to be foretold

sharp as a needle yet shines like gold

one stab fatal like a Mike Tyson blow

dark everywhere yet in the middle of snow

dumped like a forgotten cargo

close to the switch about to let go

Story of life that one need true

peaceful as a bird that fly in the blue

beautiful as the girl you keep beside you

astonishing as one understands the view

that life is something like a school

lessons is why’ …me and you

everything else is what one need go through

all options that only one can choose

yet one need only to be one

story of life need affect the soul

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