I was going to cut you off

but you handed me the scissors

this should not have come between us

but I know we are both on a mission

I cannot lie and say I understand your position

but right now, we both are in a similar situation

Egos are piking to its full definition

in the beginning you were my best acquisition

you fuelled my joy, you were its nutrition

you let me into your heart with no tuition

just a common goal and mutual feeling

true love and respect with caring

it was me and you against all, for some reason

now its me against you for no reason

our relationship has reached its ceiling

“me and you” now has no meaning

it burns me inside yet my heart is freezing

every breath I take now feels like poison

I thought this was best, but I was mistaken

I now see what a foolish mistake I am making

we compliment each other like Adam and Eve

I cannot just sit back and watch you leave

the feeling without you is something I cannot conceive

the wise always say “forget and forgive”

lets put this behind us please

I care too much to let you grieve

because I know You will miss me

and I miss you too




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