Baby I love you

I never said this but I miss you

all the fun we had boo

and the damages that we could do

our part crossed and we became glued

a heart that is hungry for just you

you have never felt this kind of love, True

you came around and I felt you

could not imagine a me without you

I look into the mirror it’s you

you look into the mirror its who?


your eyes

Those thighs

You…! shake up my whole life

7 billion, yet no one could match your smile

pure heart and it’s all mine

I think I am catching feelings from deep inside

her love overshadows me like the blue sky

her beauty has me hypnotised

You are the key to if I survive

or commit a suicide

A living Romeo and Juliet in disguise

fear not for your sorrows are wiped out

my love is open, make my heart your new hideout

baby girl, this is forever – there is no timeouts

so sit back, and relax, and watch me go all out




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