I can hear my phone ring, who is calling me

upon checking I see “Greatness”

I am like who is this ?…Greatness calling me!?

I had only two options

the Green or the Red button


but before i dig in

I ask the question “Why me”?

mean while the phone is still ringing

a different thought came up to me while standing

cracking my brain trying to understand it

…..Time is passing

the phone will not forever be ringing

delete the fears and grab on to the handle

I picked up the phone and answered it

and all went dark for a second

I was scared

thinking of whom to call upon for help

I proceeded and said “hello” trying to overcome my fears

suddenly I saw a light blinking from far

I looked at it, I stared at it but yet it did not come

I was alone in my thoughts,

It was like I alone supported my thoughts

I started walking towards the light as it gets brighter

a storm came from the middle of no where


The wind pushed me, lightening struck me, the rain washed me

I looked back, it was all clear, no storm

I looked forward I could not see anything but the light

my heart was sprinting and my brain began to freeze

I had two only options

I could turn back, and settle to where I knew

or I could continue forward to reach the light I wanted to achieve

Yet again, Time and Resources are not by my side

So I sailed upon my destination heading North

closer and closer and closer I got to the light

The less turbulence began to decrease

my movement began to come with ease

Finally, I reached the light and everything else turned bright


Light of greatness is never far from your sight

If you waste time, who knows when you will die

whatever course you take, has challenges, such is life

Choice is an irony of success, you would have to take time to decide

and if time is not by your side, who’s side is choice ?




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