Romance is overrated

Love is underrated

A relationship now is something that is hated

it is scary how being in love is outdated

everything now has to be romantic or it’s not wanted

parents and kids all out to get their animal side inflated

Everyone’s relationship status is complicated

This logic of theirs’ is cemented you cannot even debate it

They’ve fallen victim to the system, how do we save them


Romance is overrated

Love is underrated

the norm has become old skull

the terms are now in favour of their rule

the word “Love” has been diminished down to a tool

“I love you’ only to get what I need off/of you”

after that we are through

They say ‘we need to be politically correct’

I personally am not a politician so that statement, I neglect

remember, Not every good idea makes sense

but no good idea is nonsense



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