It has never always been about me

I woke up feeling good and a little lucky

first thing I do is look up and say Thank You

A little flash back in time, won’t hurt you

they say” what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

what doesn’t harm you?…does it make you any weaker

When you dig deep – the people you affect around you

what if you don’t affect them, does that make them losers

it could be that their life challenges is even greater

This life we seem to play about with is like a movie theatre

everyone has their role to play and there is no director

good or bad a scene the camera keeps rolling

It is left to you to make right of the past and keep moving

some deny their mistakes which is very amusing

they make you believe this is what it means to be a human being

They come at you with certificates and logic

“This world has existed for millions of years” no it haven’t

This world started existing the day you were born

Using their logic, that is how history gets reformed

take a look, what they did to the bible

they fool around with your brain using numbers, calling you dumb

Yes, he is a professor but that does not say he cannot be wrong

This movie of ours shifted from Romance and adventure to thriller, sci-fi and drama

For one to be right, it has to be shown on paper

we have devalued the human brain like a wild creature

we look down too much, I think we need to start looking up

open your eyes and mind a little, we need to wake up

Ignorance + arrogance = greedy people’ and that needs to stop

first step, look around and appreciate what you have

being Thankful leads to sharing

They say “sharing is caring”, and that is how we look after one another.

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