I woke up this morning thinking about you

nothing surprising since my heart longs for you

but it is surprising the things I could do for you

I never saw this type of feeling coming from the blue

I cannot say how you feel, but if you were in my shoes

you would see how my heart is juicing out like some BBQ

I mean its jumping happy like a kangaroo

Baby girl your love taste like honeydew **Wink

I could never see it coming even through a deja vu

The way you got me, it’s like you did some magic or voodoo

I mean you got my heart on a love curfew

all I want is to see you happy

funny how I think of your happiness before mine

I just want to see you fly and shine

what’s going on between us is something I cannot define

I hope and wish it has no deadline

and also hope and wish our feelings never decline

right now I am smiling ‘thinking of our bloodline’

if gold was happiness, baby girl you are my everlasting goldmine

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