They say good things come when you wait for it

I have been waiting so long that my heart went numb

I was patient because I believe the best is yet to come

till one day, my heart started beating like drum

anxiety kicks in – like something is about come

emotions heightened not knowing what direction

or what is what


I tried fighting it but there is no shortcut

a desire that comes needs to play its course

the more I think of it, my heart race faster like a horse

I was looking for a cure but “oh No” said the nurse

as time goes by the situation continues to worse

the force comes harder and deep, like a curse

but their is a sauce to it that I could not ignore

it seemed so innocent and very pure

a type of feeling I have never had before

and it is nothing you could find or read in a bookstore

now the feeling has mature and becoming to hard to endure

I do not know what It is but I am curious and scared to explore

I am tired, I cannot take it anymore

I took a couple bottles mixed with beer but it’s still there

That L-word has a strong sting to it and it does not care

no matter the fight one day you will let it clear

“don’t fight the feelings” this is a quote I could always tell


Open-up your mind and stay true to who you are, love will always find you, and when it does please accept it. You will might miss out on life fighting a battle that is not there, a battle between you and you, a battle from setting you heart free.


Love, sounds simple don’t it? because it is. Live while you can, Love as much as you can




2 thoughts on “Fight with Love ?

  1. Wow, Ahmad you always blow my mind with you words, its everything I am going tru now, except the beer part, lol! Thank you for giving me more strength to love.

    Liked by 1 person

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