Certain people ain’t built to take pain 

but on the road to riches they want to be on the 1st lane. 

Some say ‘no pain no gain’, well they also said life is a b!tch, I guess that’s why we’re all insane.

“Life is what you make it”, some make it a game 

Some take it as excuse to bump into others lane 

Some say life is a b!tch and she’s full of pain 

Some cling to the positive side to level up their weight 

Life is what you it, some make it about them 

Some believe their always right until proven wrong 

Some could never feel free until pain is gone 

Some are nice and smart but wildly stubborn 

Some could be dying but yet they stay strong 

Some might be old but their minds are young 

Life is what you make it, or are you what life makes you ? 

Are you breathing cause there is air, or is the air present cause you’re breathing 

Like the classic dilemma, who came first, egg or the chicken 

When you look down the horizon, what those the earth seem to you 

Some say flat some say oval, why the confusion, why are our answers in twos 

If I teach you, and I’m a student then what am I to you

Life is what you make it, Complicated is how we met it 

Life is what you make it, confused is how we’re leaving it 

Life is what you make it, innocent is how we started it 

Life is what you make it, guilty is how we’ll be exiting it 

Life is what you make it, don’t look at mine look at yours unless you can’t see it, then we both are blind to our cause 

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