When you’re hurt they don’t cry for you 

When you’re down they don’t side with you 

As soon as the table switch they’re going to ride with you 

Funny, they claim they would always care for you 

Out of the blue they will always be there for you 

But in the dark, nobody is there but you 


How could this be clear to you 

The hierarchy does not even give stairs to you 

How do you climb up, when they only steer down at you 

Ill is not an option, they do not give rest to you 

So when you are gone it is just they are clear of you 

Sad isn’t it, how they despair of you 

Moments of need, you are like Pikachu


Everyone trying to play you 

You are like a gum to them, you are done with after a couple chew 

Every bit of progress you make they undo 

Your section seems like the junk in yahoo 

Yet you remain positive to all they throw at you 

Your time is coming the clock is on tick tack 

It is all about progression no time for payback

The table has turned now who has the black jack 

All the pain to you is now a throwback 

The experience is key in avoiding any set back 

They denied you their ride, now you are riding in your Maybach 

Life is a b!tch and she’s gorgeous on your side 

be humble or get dropped, its too late to look back 

no one is living for you, you need to understand that 

life does not come with a manual nor a lifeguard 

they say you rip what you sew; I guess you ripped right 

Time is key, and she is not on anyones side 

Today or tomorrow, one day we are all going to die


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