I am a perfect imperfection. Tell me when you hear this, what is your reaction. Is it envy, joy or hate. How quick someone else’s status in life could change ones emotions, funny ain’t it ? “They say your life is in your hands”, They say you only live once”, They say Life is a bitch”, “They say, They say, They say….What do you say ?

The type of life we live in now, its hard to turn around right ?…wrong! It is very much easier to turn your life around in todays world. Let me elaborate with the most simple example I can think of, a coin toss. lets say you bet your life on heads, making tail a failure, once that coin hits the palm or the back hand, two options are available which in return leads to two results where one would be drastic and the other positive. when you get tails, you can either accept defeat of decide to keep tossing till you get heads. Another rare case, is when you decide to say no to failure and turn your palm the other way, in essence turning your world around and you end up with heads.

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