This should never happen to nobody

wake up one day and your eyes are so cloudy

who do you cry to, your mum or daddy ?

who do you run to, expecting someone else’s apology

the two body’s that good or bad, accepts you as their responsibility

they treat you as a whole, like their sole commodity

but then you spit back at their face, i’m so so sorry

you will always be unforgettable, we are like no other family

it was never my wish to hurt anybody

as a kid my excuses were enlarged, causing my irresponsibility

i never thought of you leaving, i was too young to do the analogy

and now its late, what happened to fairness and equality

I cry to my writings and rejoyce to the mirror

one step at a time as life becomes clearer

I’m still scared, cause I know my death comes nearer

and even more when I think of my baby sister

and way more when i think of raising my own daughter

I always try to bury my emotions, cause to me its a killer

many times i wish i pulled the trigger

scary times, i actually wanted to pull the trigger

the wounds and scars are all over me like invisible stickers

I usually say, this world is a jungle and we’re her lovers

I’m so so sorry, you will always be unforgettable

from December dating back and forth to February

i will not be ignorant to everything you have done for me

including the truth behind what she did to me (my head)

as long as I live, I will always hold on to our family tree

and never shall I abandon any of my siblings

they are the closest thing I have to you

I’m so so sorry, you will always be unforgettable

when I picture you my eyes starts getting rainy

thunder storms in my head, while it gets cloudy

my heart turns drowsy and begins to beat loudly

seeing the lightening cross my eyes, it pains me

I’m so so sorry, you will always be unforgettable

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