“I was always flunking out of school because I can’t write. My parents who were fourth generation, I am fourth generation Japanese-American to Hawaii and the Japanese believed you have to go to school, you had to go to school to get good grades, and so when i said, “Well how do I get rich ?” He’s like, “Go to school.”

And I said, “wait a minutes all of my uncles and my aunts and my grandfather and my father and my mother, they all went to school. They’re still poor.”

So I knew there was something missing in school. You see the difference between a school teacher and an entrepreneur, in school they punish you for making mistakes. entrepreneurs know you’re not going to learn anything unless you make a mistake. So I have made many mistakes. I mean last year, I made a lot of mistakes, but, each mistake i make, I get smarter. Its like standing up and falling down, standing up and falling down. Its like learning a language, you make a lot of mistakes. Its like riding a bicycle, its like flying a plane. you make a lot of mistakes and hopefully, you live through it.”

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