If a picture is a reflection, what could be the picture of my life

picture me living as a king

like a heart beat, life comes in two’s, there is up and there is down

picture my crown taken and buried in the ground

picture me living as a slave

but in every scenario you could be happy or you could sad

picture me a slave living with the kings

picture me picturing myself as a king

picture me out of my comfort zone

picture me kneeling to kiss their rings

picture every prince and princess stepping on my feet

picture me locked out in the dark

picture me sleeping out in the cold

they say patience is a virtue but life is mean and she’s directing my scene

picture me despite, but content with who I am

picture me an orphan at the bottom of the family tree

picture the Lord above me but the devil on my shoulder

picture me on my knees calling out every night

picture me crying through the sleepless nights

As long as the sun do shine, even the littlest of animals has a chance to survive

picture me a visionary playing catch with haters mind

picture me behind the mirror motivating myself

picture me a lone wolf with a pack worth of scares

picture me climbing the family tree, matter of fact (scratch that)

picture me building my family tree

picture me getting married and having kids

picture me achieving my goals

picture my seeds taking note from my past

picture me passing my life test

picture me putting smiles on the faces of my late parents

At a point in time, the sun stops shinning but life never stops moving

A twist in life, when you look into the mirror you see you not me, but

interesting when i look into your mind, I see me not you.

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