Sorrows in life comes but with the moment

today and tomorrow, nobody knows its content

we are burn to make mistakes, regardless the consequence

I vision a bird in the jungle that wakes up to one intent

fly out there and get food for her babies

she takes off with no relent

The version of the story where her hatchlings are left alone

come to think of it, their environment to them is still unknown

all they could do is cry for their mummy, but she is gone

there is not much you can do when life sets your tone

it is not something we miraculously come upon

while you are crying in here

there is someone trying to fight for your survival out there

we tend to be ignorant, but we really need to be aware

we say we want to be “free as a bird”

our lives and theirs we compare

not knowing tomorrow we look at today in despair

mama bird trying to find food with no assurance in the middle of nowhere

its like putting up in a dessert, a daycare

she runs into papa bird, and it stroke her like a nightmare

the beauty in love stories are always bizarre

together the fly in search and accompany each other

at the end we will always look after one another

so why qualm about tomorrow, when you can only live today

don’t take THE best way, always take YOUR best way.


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