I might be sad inside but it is all smiles on the outside

everybody old or young has feelings to hide

like the blue sky when I look left and right, it is no one by my side


I am somewhere between the isle of Hope and the isle of Tears

my options are not wide so I look up to my pride

nobody said life was going to be an easy ride

naturally I would look up and wish, and seek for a guide

but I came to realise life is bigger than You and I

At the bridge of both isle’s, all my knowledge I applied



The balance in my heart is stronger than that of my mind

My emotional scale is blowing higher as the situation intensify

I might be scared inside but it is all smiles on the outside

while my heart was racing, I was outward terrified

Everyone old or young has emotions they hide

I am on the bridge between the Isle of Hope and the Isle of Tears



where emotions are heightened, wisdom and knowledge cannot provide

My options and opinions became subsidised

My brain is out of comfort, not a good position for me to make a decision

nobody said I was going to have an easy life

Now the sky gets cloudy, but its about to rain

smiles on my face, as it is about to wash my pain


the rain drops while washing my tear drops, with my head down sadly

under the stormy weather the lightening bolts loudly


the situation begins to get me nostalgic

on the bridge of emotions, I could not exert simple logic

despite my erratic behaviour, my brain was static

heraldic to my cause, I felt like my emotions where under magic

to relax, I turn on my music to quiet down all the noise

now that I am in my zone, it is just a matter of time

The present is now past, I am heading to the Isle of Hope


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