I know tomorrow is not promised but I hope it is

This life we are living is merely lucks and guesses

Heaven or hell, nobody knows what the address is


The journey, if you look at it is really scary

Not saying it cannot be roses and berries

We are slaves to this journey and the loads it carry


It is only right for you to be worried

When you find yourself powerless to a current situation

As time goes by, the load gets more heavy

Sisyphean toil

At first the emotions, you try to bury

Hoping to find for yourself a sanctuary

You remember the saying “every condition is temporary”

But yours just continues to becomes more deadly

Your circle begins to turn smaller and messy

Happiness and peace starts to seem like a camp fire story

Your tolerance begins to drop and patience…

…you’re on the verge of having none

Your struggles have just began

Everything seems dark, you cannot even recognise the sun


Giving up seems to be the best option

You have screamed and cried and even tried using a gun

A man holding a gun to his head

But inside, you know you cannot give the devil what he wants

Your thoughts and actions begin to get distorted

Sleep now for you is very limited

Everybody else around seems happy and to their life committed

Your pain ignored, it means nothing to them


You begin to wish for death to come

Your emotions begins to go numb

The weather for you comes with a heavy storm

But you are just one under the same weather

One with his own problems

One that is not flawless

One that is on a journey filled with rules but yet lawless


In time of sorrow do not only think of yourself

Think of everyone else

Use the energy of people around you but stay cautious

Do not let your emotions get the best of you and go thoughtless

Always be loyal to your fault and remain honest

You are but one tree inside a mighty forest

The journey is awful, the road is spooky from morning to night

To survive you need to understand LEFT and RIGHT

And one day EVERYTHING will be ALRIGHT

Welcome to the journey of life where it is DARK but you have to stand up to see LIGHT

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