They taught buhari could change it

Now they got frowns on their faces

They don’t understand the tribulation

Is it us or them ? but who’s ‘US

Well all I know is one nation

We need to open our brains

And focus our eyes

How many times do I need to say it

Before you realise the signs

This life we living ain’t paradise

The road is bumpy and at the end you die

We set goals, trying to aim for the sky

The irony of thoughts when we know we cannot fly

But such goals gives us a code we stand by

Giving birth to the rules and regulations we live by

But a goal is nothing when not applied

Every system needs a common goal to survive

Between you and I, we branch into many systems that multiply

Breaking and clashing our goals until it modifies

It is like a caterpillar growing into a butterfly

For some people such change could horrify

For some it will unify, some magnify, some crucify, some mystify,….

But in all categories, no one will forever be satisfied

Because time will never be on your side

yet we will still have good moments to glorify

But first, who we are, is what we need to identify

and the negatives in our brain, we detoxify

The visions in our eyes, we solidify

For our loved ones we are ready to sacrifice

You fall, you stand up, you fail, you retry

with a positive mental attitude, there is not a thing you cannot get by

Sometimes to be happy you might need to cry

Be who you are, not what people expect you be

No situation lasts for a life time.

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