Life gives you choices that are sometimes magnificent

You see between you and I, i am a lot different

We inhale and exhale just to live another moment

Some blow trees while some blow cigaret

What ever the case maybe, some still live to regret

That feeling that comes from inside sometimes lead to hatred

And thats where we differ but i aint trying to be ignorant

I always say life is a bitch but we are all under her influence

In this world we live we only have one assurance

Life or death, and there is no insurance

Which is why i live by now, cause now is always my present

Its just different between you and I in every life segment

I don’t speak a lot cause i prefer to read through the lines and detect

All the bullshit and lies, how far you gone take it, to what extent

I love playing mind games, depends on who is present

Between you and i, I’ve been through a lot that is really unpleasant

But yet am smiling even to those who would prefer me under the cement

When you speak, I listen and think of what you’re thinking not the content

Everybody is hidden behind a mask, I know this cause I have a lot in my closet

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